Andrew Elliot Ltd – Weaving Fabrics for over 55 years

For centuries the Scottish Borders have produced Tweeds – in fact the name ‘Tweed’ immediately conjures up a picture of the Border hills and valleys.

Andrew Elliot Ltd celebrates it’s 55th birthday this year and continues to produce a fine range of tweeds and tartans for all over the world. The company was established in 1965 by Andrew Elliot, having worked as a designer in the industry since leaving school in 1941.

The company is now based at Forest Mill, Selkirk in the heart of the Borderland, and is of specific historical interest, being classed as one of Scotland’s “listed buildings”.

The original buildings date from 1838, and were part of one of the first mills in the town, built by George Roberts & Co. It was when Roberts closed in the late 1960’s, and the mill buildings were sold off as separate units, that Andrew Elliot, seeking a manufacturing base for his fledgling company, acquired the old yarn store, to set up, what is still today, the core hub of his company.

Robin Elliot, son of Andrew, attended the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels, achieving an BSc. Honours degree in Textiles & Marketing. Robin now runs the company. He honed his skills with his late father as his mentor, and strives to secure this indigenous company’s place in the niche market for contemporary textiles.”We strive to produce quality goods for all our customers. We work in tandem with interior designers, and can produce different styles of throws and blankets, which are aimed at the very top end of the fashion and interior market. In addition to the throws, matching fabrics can be woven for cushion covers, curtains and drapes”.

In addition, they no longer simply work with standard wools like Merino, Cashmere and Mohai. Fabrics have been produced using Indigenous wools, silk, linen, recycled and fancy yarns. Robin added “We are always happy to discuss any individual requirements and ideas, which clients may have about design, yarn availability, weave and finish.”

Echo throws are now very popular in the current climate. Each throw at Andrew Elliots is different in colour as the yarn used is excess from previous weave. Pattern on throws stay the same but the colour varies within the colour hues. Very natural and ecological you will want to touch feel and use it. “We continue to adapt in the industry and hope to thrive in the market for years to come.”

Let’s hope that this fantastic old yarn store carries on for many years to come.  Read more here or pop on down to their mill in Selkirk.