Buttner is the chosen man for the Colonials in 2024

Following the AGM yesterday, the Colonial Society is pleased to announce the unanimous appointment of their Standard Bearer for 2024.

Nicholas (Nick) Renwick Buttner, Australia will represent the Society, and we offer our congratulations on his appointment, and wish him a successful and enjoyable Common Riding.

Nick was Born and now back living in Melbourne, Australia, Nick has also lived and worked in Singapore and the UK. His maternal grandfather, John Henderson Renwick, was born in Selkirk. Nick’s maternal grandmother, Margaret (Peg) Renwick (née Auld), was born in Australia, but her parents, Marion
Auld (née Little) and Alexander Auld, were both born in Selkirk.

It was the strong links between Selkirk families across Australia which brought Nick’s grandparentstogether and John, Peg and their daughters (Helen and Anne) always participated in the Common Riding re-enactments organised by colonial families. John and Peg attended the Common Riding in 1978 and by being the 2024 Colonial Standard Bearer Nick is fulfilling a wish of his grandfather, who passed away before he was born, and his grandmother who always spoke of Selkirk as ‘home’.
Growing up, Nick remembers being excited when his grandmother would receive a letter from one of her first cousins (Elsie Morison, Gina Howlieson, Peggy Blackie and Ella Wilson) bringing news of Selkirk and, in the middle of each year, the Common Riding.
Since his first trip with his parents in 2001, Nick has visited Selkirk six times. The most memorable visit being in 2013 when, together with his wife (Bec), parents and aunt, he was in Selkirk for the Common Riding. Nick recalls the sense of community and tradition that he felt during those days as being something quite special. Helen, Nick’s mother, will be this year’s Lady Busser. Nick studied in Melbourne and Cambridge. He is now a commercial lawyer whose practice is focused on energy transition projects in the Asia Pacific region.
He is very much looking forward to being the 2024 Colonial Standard Bearer.

The Society looks forward to welcoming Nick and Helen to the town in June.

All we need now is some sun!