Record Breaking numbers at Great Selkirk Haggis Hunt

Hundreds of intrepid hunters took to the hills of Selkirk on Sunday to bag a bumper haul of haggis on the opening day of the 2020 season.

Mild winter weather meant many of the elusive creatures had ventured out of their burrows on Selkirk Hill and were easy prey for the skilled hunters of the Scottish Borders town.

Tradition dictates that young hunters are given their chance to bag their first haggis on the opening day of the season and they responded to the challenge by flushing out dozens of the beasts.

The hunters set out from Selkirk Market Square at the traditional time of 11.02am, led by the massed bands of the Selkirk Town Arms.

The Selkirk Haggis, with its distinctive tartan pelt, is regarded as one of the most prized specimens of the legendary creature, most often spotted on a moonlit night after closing time.

The successful hunt has ensured that Selkirk will once again have enough haggis to make it through Burns Night, though enthusiastic post-hunt celebrations mean that concerns remain over the town’s whisky stock.

A thank you must go to all who helped make this day a great success, including all the local shops who contributed to the stock on the hill.

For a full report with lots of great photos go to The Five Turrets.

Report © The Five Turrets / Gethin Chamberlain.

Photograph by © Alistair Johnston Photography