Exiled Souters unite in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh and Lothians Souters Society held their AGM on Wednesday the 4th of March at the Charwood Restaurant and Grill, Buckstone Terrace, Edinburgh.
Only 9 members attended and the meeting was Chaired by President Jim Jackson.
Jim gave a welcome to those attending the 87th AGM. The current Society was formed in 1927 although we know that meetings were held since 1900 and possibly before that but we have very few records back to 1900. There were no AGM,s held during the years of WW2.
Jim read out apologies from 22 members who were not able to attend the AGM.
Margo Craig then read the minutes of the previous AGM held on 7th March 2019 and because there were no matters arising they were approved and seconded.
President Jim Jackson then gave a report on the previous year which was more successful than some previous years. He talked about the Burns Supper held on the 7th of February 2020 at Liberton Golf Club which was attended by 41 people.
Jim thanked the people who contributed at the Supper. David Young was Chairman for the evening, Donald Wilson for Addressing the Haggis, Selkirk Grace was said by Jim. Andrew Anderson did the immortal memory. Alan Elliott gave a very funny Toast to the Lassies, May Stark replied to the Toast to the Lassies. Honorary Provost of Selkirk Keith Miller had attended with his wife Elspeth and Keith said a few words about the Societ and the need to keep it going as we enter into at least 120 years of existence. Fred Smail recited John Barleycorn and Sheila Spence recited the Unco Guid. It was a good evening and a healthy sum of money was raised towards the Society funds.
It is hoped to have an even larger Burns Supper on Friday the 5th of February 2021 with the hope that a number of people would come up from Selkirk to support us. The venue is being discussed already.
Jim also spoke about our successful stall in July 2019 at the Selkirk Farmers Market which again raised money for our coffers and will go a long way to defray the escalating cost of the Gold Medallion which we present to the Royal Burgh Standard Bearer at the Colonial Society Bussin’ Concert in the Victoria Halls on the Wednesday evening of Common Riding week. This year we will present our 115th Medallion which is a record we are proud of. The money also helps with the future purchase of the Sash presented to the town of Selkirk to be worn by the Royal Burgh Standard Bearer on the Friday of the Common Riding.
A stall has been booked again by the Society this time for Saturday 4th July 2020.
Treasurer Margo Craig then did a report on the Society finances indicating that our bank account is healthier than it has been for a long time but warning that we cannot relax and we must continue to add to the funds to ensure our survival.
Jim Jackson then spoke about our membership. It was agreed to keep the cost of the membership the same as it has been for a few years now. We have gained a few new members recently but must keep chasing for more and especially younger members which are the future of the Society. Jim asked that all members keep looking for anyone who would like to join because after all we are an integral part of our Common Riding and we cannot allow it to stop. We are aware that there are a number of Selkirk people living and working in the Edinburgh and Lothians area who could well be interested and asked people to spread the word that we exist and have done for 120 years.
The next item on the Agenda was the election of Office bearers for the next year.
The following were elected after being proposed and seconded:
Honorary President the Honorary Provost of Selkirk.
Honorary President George Thomson.
President Jim Jackson.
Vice President May Stark.
Secretary Jim Jackson and May Stark.
Treasurer Margo Craig.
Committee Alan Elliott, Brenda Haldane and David Young.
Jim Jackson thanked Margo Craig who retired as Secretary after 16 years. Margo however continues as Treasurer which she has been since 1993.
President Jim Jackson then talked about future events apart from a Burns Supper and the Farmers Market which were discussed earlier in the meeting. It is hoped to organise some social events like we had for many years instead of simply meetings where members sat down and talked.
There being no other Competent Business the meeting was closed with the Exiles in a good position for the future.