Selkirk welcomes new company to the table

Selkirk prides itself in producing fine goods in the town, and the latest company to take us residency here in the Burgh is no exception.

In November 2018 ‘The Edinburgh Table Company brand came under a new business called Stirling Design Ltd. The previous business was based just outside Galashiels but the owners took the decision to cease trading and wind the business up. The opportunity came the way for Andrew Stirling to acquire the website and social media presence and so they moved operations from Galashiels to their present workshop in Selkirk. 

Andrew and his family lived in the Yarrow valley for 12 years, before moving to Cardrona, so Selkirk was very familiar to them. In addition to himself working in the business, Paul Macaulay, a Selkirk man and trained luthier (guitar maker), as well as a few part time staff, all local to Selkirk and the surrounding area help keep the business going.

Andrew adds “It quickly became evident to me that the previous business had been making a product that left a little to be desired from a build quality perspective so whilst we hit the ground running with sales, we did spend the first few months repairing a lot of tables free of charge in an effort to rebuild the brands reputation. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the furniture we make so our tables are guaranteed for life against cupping, splitting and warping.  We sell tables from Kent to Wick via our website but we would like to sell more locally and so have setup a small showroom in our workshop to encourage people to view tables in person. You will receive a warm welcome and get to meet the people who will build your table.”

The tables have character and are built to the highest quality and this is reflected in their prices. They believe using reclaimed wood is not an excuse for poor workmanship, they build only a small number of tables in a week with each table being built from start to finish by the same maker to their exacting standards. Each piece of wood has its own character be it original dents and scratches, knots, minor splits and discolouration but are finished to a glass smooth surface.

Andrew continues “Our reclaimed timber and hardwood handmade tables add a touch of character and beauty to any home. Every table is unique thanks to the individual characteristics of each piece of reclaimed wood. We also make tables from Beech, Oak, Ash and Elm, which we source from a local tree surgeon meaning we can often tell customers exactly where their wood came from.

Our tables are the finest reclaimed wood tables you will find on the market but are affordable and are guaranteed against cupping and warping so there is no need to worry about wobbling plates and wine glasses! The top is fixed to the frame in a way that allows it to ‘float’ so when the boards expand and contract, which they will do with the seasons and environmental conditions, they don’t separate or split the frame. They are carefully sanded, which maintains their features but results in a glass smooth waxed or polyx-oil finish.”

We hope the company thrives in their new location and become a household name similar to all the products that have been produced in the town of Selkirk throughout the generations.