Small Businesses Unite

Work from home. Self-quarantine. Cancelled sporting events. Social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus crisis, but it also threatens to devastate small businesses.

The drop in foot traffic and a reluctance to go out will leave shops and restaurants in Selkirk empty.

“We have noticed a dramatic drops in sales this week, and the future looks bleak” mentioned one shop owner this week”

However many shops are offering free delivery services to those who are unable or have been requested to stay indoors.

Many High Street shops are offering to deliver food and drink, along with essential house hold items to the door where customer can phone direct to pay using their cards.

Also, the Selkirk Response Team has revamped and kick started a new Facebook group with an emphasis on providing a communication platform for all local people in and around Selkirk who would like to become involved in supporting elements of a Resilient Community.

Graham Easton added “As well as helping to deal with incidents such as extreme weather (snow and flooding), major incidents (missing people & power cuts) we also need to look at how we can help our community with issues like the current Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.”

To this end he has set up a Selkirk Response Team WhatsApp account and asked if any Response team member (current or new) wishes to be included can they send him an up to date mobile phone number (via PM) and he will ensure you will be included in the group.

They are also seeking coordinators to establish and support volunteers who are able to assist with any incidents locally. This could be anything from helping to search for missing persons to volunteering to get essential food and medical supplies to our most vulnerable, particularly in view of the potential health crisis.

Later this morning, a special Souter ‘Cobra’ meeting will take place to outline what the town can do for their community

This dominates every society of life, a profound change, likely to be the biggest thing to happen to a generation since the Second World War, a huge shift in behaviour. Let us work together to get through it.