We are delighted to report that the Forest Bookstore has been voted, for a second time, as the best bookshop of the month by Yale Books.  With our top quality, independent Bookseller, to our links to Sir Walter Scott, James Hogg, and Andrew Lang, and with a landscape that has inspired stories from the Border Ballads through to modern writers such as William Boyd.  There is no better way to show that Selkirk can lead the way as we prepare for Scotland’s Year of Stories next year

The article starts: At the heart of the Scottish Borders, the Forest Bookstore is an independent bookshop that was founded in 2006. It stocks a wide yet discerning range of literary fiction and non-fiction titles, with a core collection of literature, art and environment books. To find out more, we spoke with Allan, the shop’s founder and manager, about the Forest Bookstore’s place in Selkirkshire and the Borders, and its plans for the future!

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